Sunday, November 4, 2012


Hi All!
I know I haven't posted here (or anywhere) for awhile, but thought it might be good to update on my progress.

At this point, Nov 4, 2012, I have spent the past 5+ months tracking what I eat through Weight Watchers, monitoring my portion sizes through that program, as well as aiming for 300 minutes of exercise each week.

With great success!  I've lost 36 pounds since then (and almost 50 since the summer we got married in 2010).  As of last weigh-in on Tuesday, I'm at 172.8 pounds. Crossed over from obese to overweight at the end of July, and have about 13 pounds to go until I'm within the normal BMI range.

I've also been maintaining a gluten-free diet, which has translated, for the most part to fewer carbs, and the carbs have focussed on whole grains, mainly rice.  Most of my "fun" food has come in the form of non-fat yogurt.  I've been mixing it with lovely things like prickly pear tea and stevia, or organic canned pumpkin and stevia and pumpkin spices.

Recently, a nutritionist/nurse practitioner alerted me to and reminded me of the inflammation that can be caused by dairy foods.   She also started me on Zylflamend for inflammation.  In the back of my mind I've known this was coming, and am doing lots of research and taste-testing for a fine substitute base for my yogurt "treats".  Unfortunately, my trips to the froyo shops may come to a screeching halt unless I stumble upon a shop that offers non-dairy options, or I become excited about sorbet (not so excited about the sugar in these products).

I know it was quick... but I will try to keep posting here.  I'll post some more recipes as I come across them, modify them, and try them out!

Thanks for checking in!

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